Gleeuary Continues: Santana To Sing Iconic Rachel Berry Song In “Frenemies”

Photo Courtesy of FOX

Photo Courtesy of FOX

Kate McHale
Staff Writer

Let’s be honest, the winter hiatus for Glee has gone on forever. Lucky for you we have more information about the first episode back, properly named “Frenemies.” Now that February has finally arrived, it’s safe to say the wait is almost over–and it will finally be time to Gleek out again!

It looks like this Glee episode is aptly named! As you all know, Rachel (Lea Michele) landed the lead part in Funny Girl, and now we can confirm the Santana (Naya Rivera) auditions for–and gets–the part as the Funny Girl understudy. This causes some tension between the two roommates, and friends break into a feud we are going to want to see. The next feud alert is not as concerning, pitting Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and Artie (Kevin McHale) against each other to see who is going to be valedictorian of their senior class. Between Lima and New York, there’s plenty of drama to go around!

The rumor–which we hope is true–floating around is that Santana will sing “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” This undoubtedly will lead to a classic Rachel Berry meltdown. Two characters that are suspiciously left off of the synopsis are Starchild (Adam Lambert) and Kurt (Christ Colfer) who have been rumored to be singing an intimate duet called, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.” But don’t panic yet, Klainers! Hopefully more details emerge regarding the next few episodes–but the suspense is killer!

Don’t forget to tune in when Glee returns Tuesday February 25 at 8pm!!

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