Gleeuary Spoilers: Which Glee Graduates Are Heading To The Big Apple?

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Roxanne Powell
Staff Writer

**Spoilers Ahead!** You have been warned!

We hope you’ve been holding onto your hats, Gleeks! We’ve covered several things about this upcoming premiere, and we’re not done yet!

So, let’s see: we’ve told you what we know as far as the songs and a few of the episode titles are concerned, but hardly anything about the plot. What will happen to Artie in film school? Will Becky move out from under Sue’s (albeit somewhat motherly) thumb? Will Santana and Britney go back to being a couple? What will the 100th episode do to further the lives of the glee club?

A recent screenshot of bullet points for the second half of the season touch on some of these questions, while leaving room for others.

Photo Courtesy of FOX

Photo Courtesy of FOX

So, Tina isn’t going to New York, but what does that mean for her character as a whole? We already know that Brad and Ryan want to focus the show in the Big Apple, and that might mean that this could be the last we see of several characters. Artie’s off to film school and Brittany has a ticket from Santana, so both of them are going to New York–but what about Will?

With everybody graduating and no more funding for his beloved club, Will only has his teaching to fall back on. But that’s never been enough for him. According to the source, Will gets a call from Vocal Adrenaline asking him to come and interview with them. With New Directions disbanded, they may finally regain their show choir crown if Will agrees to be their coach.

Nothing yet on Becky, and the rest of the glee club is still undecided. But with these major developments already plotted out, the rest is sure to fall into place. Next stop, New York!

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