GoldieBlox Wins The Super Bowl With Thirty Second Ad Encouraging Young Female Empowerment

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Courtesy of

Dani Strehle
Senior Manager

I believe that I just wasted several hours of my life that I will never recover; hours that could have been spent cleaning my house, or napping, or playing with my kids, or napping. Instead, I watched the most boring game of football, like, ever; and was severely disappointed to find the commercials to be equally lacking.

However, amongst all the forgettable, there was a bit of magical. There was Coca Cola’s breathtakingly beautiful rendition of “America the Beautiful,” which was sung in several different languages; and then Stephen Colbert was all decked-out in neon green and pitching Wonderful pistachios. But of all the ads that truly made an impression, the Intuit-sponsored Goldieblox commercial was my landslide favorite.

Several weeks ago, one of my very favorite sites, Upworthy, posted an ad for a company named Goldieblox. As I watched the video, I quickly ascertained that these toys were different; they weren’t your run-of-the-mill Disney toys, overflowing with pink, princessey paraphernalia. They were geared toward developing math and science interest and skills. These were the toys that I had been looking for! THESE are the ones I want my daughters to play with! I want them to learn at an early age that, while they were fortunate enough to be born healthy and beautiful, there is so much more to them than that. Their sharp and brilliant minds are their most beautiful assets, and that is something I want to help them nurture.

The accounting software company, Intuit, conducted a contest called “Small Business, Big Game” in which one small business owner would be gifted with a Super Bowl ad with a four million dollar price tag. Goldieblox won that contest, and were therefore the recipients of the most life-altering thirty seconds that the owners of any small business could ever dare to imagine.

Congratulations, Goldieblox. I implore you to keep up the good work; our daughters are counting on you!

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