Pop Of Weird: Ohio Man Buried In Clear Casket Sitting On His Beloved Harley

Photo Courtesy of the AP

Photo Courtesy of the AP

Christa Tintelnot
Staff Writer

Billy Standley of Mechanicsburg, Ohio passed away earlier this month on Sunday, January 26th. He was buried next to his wife. What’s so different about this burial? Standley had a dream and today, as he was buried, that dream came true.

Nearly 18 years ago, Standley began planning for his death by buying the three adjacent plots next to his wife’s grave, and then commissioning his sons to build his casket…one that was large enough to not only hold his body, but could also hold his beloved Harley-Davidson motorcycle. You see, Standley’s dream was to be buried sitting atop  his hog.

The casket, made and designed by his sons, is so large it needed three standard sized plots to contain it. Made of plexiglass, steel and wood, this was only one of the challenges that needed to be addressed. The other was how to embalm and keep Standley sitting on his motorcycle for all eternity.

Photo Courtesy of the AP

Photo Courtesy of the AP

Fortunately, Vernon’s Funeral Home in Mechanicsburg had the answer. In an interview with the Dayton Daily News, co-owner Tammy Vernon said, “Five embalmers prepared his body and secured him with a metal back brace and straps to ensure he’d never lose his seat on his beloved bike, even as it was towed by a trailer to his final resting place. The casket was assembled in the garage of Vernon’s’ funeral home in Mechanicsburg, enshrining him with his trophies and well-worn leathers.”

According to his son Roy, Standley was quite proud of his casket and over the years he would show it to anyone who was interested.

“If you stopped by his house, he showed you his casket.”

Billy Standley was taken to his final resting place surrounded by his family and friends as well as motorcyclists from across the country.

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One thought on “Pop Of Weird: Ohio Man Buried In Clear Casket Sitting On His Beloved Harley

  1. and after all the hoopla is over someone will come in during the night and take the motorcycle and rebury him, old as history people being buried with their valuables being plundered sooner or later. still this is very weird.

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