That Awkward Moment When Zac Efron Nude Stills Were Leaked On The Internet…

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Photo Courtesy of

Cat Mitchell
Staff Writer

Zefron fans, get ready.  A new clip from the upcoming comedy That Awkward Moment features a nude Zac Efron and an almost nude Miles Teller.

The clip revolves around a phone conversation between Jason (Efron) and Daniel (Teller) while the two bros are encountering some post-coital difficulty.  No spoiler alerts here, but the scene very much lives up to the title of the movie.

Teller, acclaimed for his roles in indie films like Whiplash and The Spectacular Now, keeps his shirt on. Efron is only concealed by a well-placed prop.

Although raunchy humor is expected from That Awkward Moment, movie-goers may be disappointed if they expect anything more than, as the Washington Post’s Anna Hornaday calls it, a “derivative brom-com.”  Rotten Tomatoes, a well-known movie rating site, currently gives the film 23% on their Tomatometer.

The film has also been slashed by critics, with The New York Times Stephen Holden going so far as to call it a “vile, witless sex comedy.” But don’t despair, movie-goers.  Mark Ellis from Schmoes Know has a feel for what some audiences might want from their comedies.

“It’s not reinventing the wheel,” he says, “but sometimes all we really need is to have promising young stars rattle off some funny dick jokes.”

If brom-coms aren’t really your thing, you can watch the clip on

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