Tim Tebow Is NFL-Stud-Turned-Superhero In T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercials

Courtesy of PictureGroup

Courtesy of PictureGroup

Bradleigh-Ann Walker
Staff Writer

If you thought Tim Tebow was sitting on his couch twiddling his thumbs because he doesn’t have an NFL contract, think again.

In addition to his current stint as an ESPN analyst, T-Mobile recruited the former quarterback for their “No Contract” campaigns (see what they did there?), according to Bleacher Report.

In fact, judging from the two commercials, Tebow is tapping into his inner superhero.

He spends his days delivering babies, finding and taking down the elusive Bigfoot, delivering speeches to achieve world peace at a global summit, and playing football on the moon.

It doesn’t even end there!

In the second commercial, the 26-year-old has taken full advantage of his time off to compete in a rodeo, perform his own action stunts, save two adorable puppies from a burning building, and tour the world as a rock star.

They always say athletes should have a backup plan, but they probably meant managerial skills or knowing how to fix a car…

ABC News confirmed that the commercials will air during the Super Bowl this Sunday, so Tebow may steal the spotlight from the players actually on the field.

When asked about the commercials while guest hosting on Good Morning America yesterday, Tebow said he enjoyed doing it.

“It was so much fun. Everyone at T-Mobile was awesome. All those different vignettes were just awesome and to be able to laugh the whole time for two days in a row — it was priceless,” he said.

Not to worry, though, he won’t be trading the NFL for television any time soon. In fact, he’s been training to prove to his critics that he does have what it takes to stay in the game.

“We went back to the beginning. We worked on the basics. We did thousands and thousands and thousands of reps so we felt great with it. I feel great and I’m looking for the opportunity to show that as well,” Tebow explained.

Watch his T-Mobile ads below.

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