What’s New On Netflix This Month?

Courtesy of AMC

Courtesy of AMC

Hannah Daglish
Staff Writer

Netflix – saving people everywhere from hours of boredom by providing them with an ever-expanding and frequently changing collection of movies and TV shows. So just in case Netflix isn’t quite providing you with enough right now, wait and see what they’re offering up this month. You’re going to be spoilt for choice!

For starters, why not kick February off with the final season of Breaking Bad (pictured)? Join Walter White (Bryan Cranston), chemistry teacher turned crystal meth cooker, for the final season of the Golden Globe winning show.

Also available is the highly anticipated second season of House of Cards. The critically acclaimed political drama features Kevin Spacey, and is also a Netflix original. It airs on February 14, so regardless of whether you have someone to watch it with or not, this release ensures you will have an awesome Valentine’s Day.

For the movie buffs amongst us, 80s classic Flashdance takes the Netflix stage, as well as rom-com Failure to Launch, alongside Cannes Film Festival 2013’s Palme d’Or winner, Blue Is The Warmest Colour, .

Below is a full list of what Netflix is tempting you with this February (as reported by Huffington Post):

TV Shows
Bates Motel Season 1 (Feb 1)
The Borgias Seasons 1-3 (Feb 1)
Queer as Folk The Complete Series (Feb 1)
House of Cards Season 2 (Feb 14)
Burn Notice Season 7 (Feb 15)
Breaking Bad Season 5 (Feb 24)
The Returned Season 1 (Feb 24)

lashdance (Feb 1)
Failure to Launch (Feb 1)
Harold and Maude (Feb 1)
Mash (Feb 1)
Adore (Feb 3)
The Fabulous Ice Age (Feb 3)
30 for 30: The Price of Gold (Feb 6)
Somewhere (Feb 16)
Jesus Camp (Feb 21)
Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (Feb 24)
Blue Is The Warmest Colour (Feb 25)

It does look like there is truly something for everyone this month. Oh Netflix, we can always rely on you!

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