Glee Stars Give Behind The Scenes Stills On Instagram

Photo Courtesy of FOX

Photo Courtesy of FOX

Kate McHale
Staff Writer

If you are a fan of Glee, undoubtedly you are more excited about the 100th episode than Christmas.  While Gleeks are incredibly excited for the new versions of the songs we have fallen in love with–“Valerie” anyone?–fans are probably through the roof about most of the original gang getting back together!  From Heather Morris to Dianna Agron, many of the golden oldies have been thoroughly missed.

A good way to keep up with the filming, and interactions on set is to follow our favorite Glee stars on instagram. Thanks to our favorite stars, fans have truly gotten a behind the scenes look at the shenanigans happening on the Paramount lot.

Lea Michele  snapped a candid shot of Ms. Jenna Ushkowitz, Heather Morris and herself; although it looks like Heather hasn’t missed a beat while she was gone.

Photo Courtesy of FOX

Photo Courtesy of FOX

The one and only Mark Sailing apparently had a great 90s jam session with Darren Criss, anyone wish you could have heard that one?

Brittana fans rejoice or panic! Naya Rivera tweeted a clue about what to expect for the premiere.

“@NayaRivera On set for Glee shooting a Britanna shocker!??”

What does that even mean??

To those who are over the moon about a Dianna Agron return to McKinley, Chord Overstreet gave a nice little sneak peek with the lovely Dianna, and Becca Tobin having a nice little chat!

Photo Courtesy of FOX

Photo Courtesy of FOX

Kevin McHale could not contain his excitement about the return of Ms. April Rhodes, or returning guest star Kristin Chenoweth alongside a smiling Matthew Morrison.

Photo Courtesy of FOX

Photo Courtesy of FOX

Even director, Paris Barclay, partook in some snapshots; one of note was a picture of Diana Agron, Mark Sailing, and special guest star Chance Crawford.

Photo Courtesy of FOX

Photo Courtesy of FOX

The excitement for this special episode is apparent, not only by the fans, but the Glee stars. This is such a monumental occasion, and the enthusiasm is palpable. Here’s to hoping the episode gets here, and gets here soon!

Mark down March 18th on your calendar and get your DVR ready–this one is going to be spectacular. Check out the snapshots the episode, and let us know what you think! What are you most excited to see or hear during the episode?

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