Kevin Jonas Takes To Instagram With Birth Of First Child

Photo Courtesy of @dreft and DailyMail

Photo Courtesy of @Dreft and DailyMail

Roxanne Powell
Staff Writer

Nothing says “welcome to the world, little baby” quite like laundry detergent! Kevin Jonas took to twitter earlier today to announce the birth of his newborn daughter, Alena Rose. This tweet was, oddly enough, sponsored a washing detergent company.

After his wife, Danielle, went into labor on Sunday, the former Jonas Brothers band member whipped out his phone to share pictures of baby and mom in the delivery room. These pictures went up on Kevin’s instagram, instantly shared with all of his fans, friends and family. But this wasn’t the first time the public had been informed of the newest Jonas.

The detergent company that sponsored his previous tweet, Dreft, claimed the honor of informing the public of the couple’s new baby’s name. Alena Rose and her mother were pictured via the company’s twitter page.

Alena Rose Jonas was a highly anticipated individual, complete with her own hashtag and an agreement between her parents at Dreft. #BabyJonas helped fans follow every step of Alena Rose’s journey into this world. Yes, you heard right: the entire journey. From the first baby bump all the way through labor.

Photo Courtesy of DailyMail

Photo Courtesy of DailyMail

Tweets included, “Waiting to welcome #babyjonas to a world of amazing, gentle clean!” and “We’re as excited as you are! #BabyJonas.”

Kevin and Dreft retweeted any and all messages pertaining to the birth. Kevin even tweeted some product advertisement, saying that he and his wife were using Dreft products to prepare for Alena Rose’s arrival.

Dreft has proven a helpful tool for the new parents. Danielle tweeted about the company’s Amazing Baby Days app, saying, “Don’t know how I would keep track of anything for baby without #DreftAmazingBaby Days app!”

But even as the Jonas family welcomed its newest member into the world, they bid goodbye to one of their oldest. Kevin’s grandfather, Jerry Miller, had his funeral took place on January 28, the same day that Alena Rose was born.

While he misses his grandfather, Kevin is filled with love for his wife and daughter.

“We’re more in love now than on our wedding day,” he revealed in an interview with DailyMail. “I look at her with even more respect and love – I didn’t know that was possible!”

Photo Courtesy of DailyMail

Photo Courtesy of DailyMail

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