Miley Cyrus Calls Out Cosmopolitan Magazine For Mix Up



Fazleen Dean
Staff Writer

It seems as if headlines have seen too much Bieber!

In an attempt to honor Justin Timberlake’s birthday, Cosmopolitan magazine tweeted out, “50 literally perfect photos in honor of Justin Bieber’s 32nd birthday,” with an old JT picture underneath. By accident, they tweeted Bieber instead of Timberlake.

Miley Cyrus was quick to notice the mistake. She tweeted in reply, “Bieber on the brain @Cosmopolitan.”

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

However, that was not the only thing Cosmo mistakenly tweeted. Turns out Justin Timberlake turned 33, not 32.  Being fair, Bieber has been in plenty of hot water over the past few weeks, making this mix-up understandable.

The women’s magazine pointed out their own mistake and tweeted “Clarification: Justin Timberlake is 33 and we CAN’T GET ANYTHING RIGHT TODAY”

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