The Fault In Our Stars: Esther Earl’s Star Is Still Shining

Photo Courtesy of The Boston Globe

Photo Courtesy of The Boston Globe

Samantha Stratton
Staff Writer

Just as we were all wiping our tears away after watching the first trailer for The Fault in Our Stars, a new letter was released that was written by Esther Earl, the teen who was the inspiration for the upcoming movie.

Esther, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 16, would often write letters and journal entries about her struggle. Her parents compiled many of those into the book, This Star Won’t Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl.

Esther also wrote a letter to her future-self that would be delivered when she turned 17. She had the letter delivered to her parents through According to the Boston Globe, Lori and Wayne Earl had no idea that they’d be receiving the letter a year after her death.

The letter is full of words of encouragement and goals she wanted to complete. She had hoped that, three years into the future, she had done something for the world:

” Remember how you always wanted to do something for the world? Remember that? If you       

       haven’t done something amazing, don’t forget to try. The worst that can happen is you fail,

      and then you can just try again until you succeed.”

She also wanted to make sure she reminded her mom how much she loved her:

     “She works so hard now, every day she’s so exhausted. She does too much. I love her, and   

      remember to tell her that every day.”

Esther was also curious about how her love life was going, and she hoped she had found a guy who liked her back.

You can read the entire inspiring letter here. []

The Fault in Our Stars hits theaters June 6th.

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