Four-Year-Old Is Moved To Tears By Say Something

Courtesy of Epic Records

Courtesy of Epic Records

Bradleigh-Ann Walker
Staff Writer

From Charlie biting his older brother’s finger to 5-year-old David’s dramatic actions while still medicated after wisdom tooth surgery, the internet loves adorable kids and their antics.

Here’s one that will tug at your heartstrings.

Mark Blitch posted a video of 4-year-old Jackson’s reaction when “Say Something”, by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera, came on the radio.

The emotions were just way too much for the little one, and he cried throughout the entire clip.

“My four-year old heard the song come on, so I changed it. But he wanted it back on for some reason. Here is the first moment that he has been ‘moved’,” his father wrote on YouTube.

Can you blame him? It’s a complete tear-jerker, that song. No one is immune.

Even pop diva Aguilera herself saw and approved! Watch the cuteness unfold below:

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