Has Matt Smith Really Left The Tardis?

Courtesy of BBC

Courtesy of BBC

Hannah Daglish
Staff Writer

You’ve got to feel for Peter Capaldi – the new Doctor has scarcely gotten his hands on the Tardis and already the rumour mill is buzzing with tales of a Matt Smith cameo in Season 8.

It was believed that 11th Doctor Smith had left the Tardis, along with his bowtie, behind, but recent reports are suggesting that we may be hearing from him sooner rather than later.

Season 8 of Doctor Who is currently being filmed in Cardiff, and as usual, the crew is being chased around by fans desperate to see the hit TV show in action.

Writing for fan site Bleeding Cool, Lynda Matthews described what she witnessed whilst watching the filming:

“Clara emerges from the TARDIS on her mobile phone, looking intense and emotional. She’s not speaking to anyone, rather she seems to be just listening. In fact, whatever she is listening to hits her hard, and she slumps into the wall of a nearby store… Hanging up the phone, the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi exits the TARDIS, and starts an exchange with Clara. He asks if that was the Doctor on the phone.”

She also reports that “Capaldi was heard times saying he wanted to double-check what “Matt’s lines” would be on the phone.”

Check out these photos of the scenes being filmed in Cardiff. Clara (Jenna Coleman) is definitely on the phone… could it really be Matt on the other end?

Photo Courtesy of James Cuff/Wales Online

Photo Courtesy of James Cuff/Wales Online

Photo Courtesy of James Cuff/Wales Online

Photo Courtesy of James Cuff/Wales Online

Photo Courtesy of James Cuff/Wales Online

Photo Courtesy of James Cuff/Wales Online

Naturally, nothing has been confirmed by the BBC. However, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time Steven Moffat has thrown a surprise cameo into an episode – remember Tom Baker’s majestic return in “The Day of the Doctor”? And who can forget Karen Gillan’s heartbreaking cameo as Amy Pond in Matt Smith’s final episode, “The Time of The Doctor?”

So, whilst the signs all seem to be pointing towards a vocal cameo for the Raggedy Man, we’ll have to hold on for a few more months before we find out: Doctor Who Season 8 is set to be broadcast this autumn.

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