Blue Bloods Inks Multiplatform Syndication Deal

Courtesy of TV Guide

Courtesy of TV Guide

Susan Booth
Staff Writer

Even procedural cop shows have their day! CBS has announced that the Tom Selleck cop series, Blue Bloods, is expected to be picked up by ION. WGN America is believed to be among those who have snatched up the broadcasting syndication rights, as well as off-net cable rights.

Blue Bloods will most likely start airing in syndication sometime later in 2014, after the series has wrapped its fourth season on CBS.

The series is also expected to be announcing a deal with SVOD, and the same has also been said for the hit CBS drama Elementary, which made a deal for off-network cable right just last week. It’s been suggested that these pacts are similar to the one made with the series The Good Wife, but CBS declined to comment on that.

All of this news comes after Blue Bloods managed to get more audience views then they have since the series premiered back in 2010. The series is aimed at an older crowd than other CBS series, so it’s impressive that they managed to pull in 12.8 million viewers, despite the fact that it airs on Friday nights. This deal is similar to the one recently inked for Person of Interest.

The goal is to enhance their original strategy with the upcoming series, Salem and Manhattan. Currently, ION runs constant repeats of Cold Case and Criminal Minds. They have also begun showing episodes of Burn Notice.

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