Clay Aiken Officially Announces Run For Congress

Tarra Matthews
Senior Manager

Yesterday, Republican congresswoman Renee Ellmers said she wasn’t fazed by her potential Democratic opponent, American Idol season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken even going as far as to say that he must be ‘bored.’

Well early this morning Aiken released a video solidifying that, yes he will be running for Congress as a Democratic representative of his home district in North Carolina. The video was shot entirely in the living room a family friend, who took his mother and him in when Clay was only a year old, to protect the pair from Clay’s abusive biological father.

Clay makes it clear that he knows he isn’t a politician, and doesn’t want to be one. But his background as a special education teacher and activist for UNICEF, along with being appointed to a special commission under George W. Bush to address the hardships faced by children with special needs in the education system are what inspires him to want to work alongside everyone in Congress for the betterment of the entire population.

Like most policial videos, Aiken does take a moment to highlight what he believes are the shortcomings of Congresswoman Ellmers: voting 10 times for the massive cuts to the military and voting 21 times for the shutdown of the Government even though she stated she thought it would be “a disaster for the economy.” Aiken says that he believes that Ellmers went to Washington with good intentions but her National Party implored her to vote otherwise.

“Voting against the best interest of North Carolina military families…to do it when you know it’s wrong is even worse. And to do it because your National Party told you, that’s what…convinced me that if didn’t try to do something about it then I couldn’t complain when no one else did.”

Check out the full video below & let us know what you think of Aiken’s run for Congress!

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