Danai Gurira Sits Down To Talk About What’s Next For Michonne On The Walking Dead

Photo courtesy of popmatters.com

Photo courtesy of popmatters.com

Kaitlyn Elliott
Staff Writer

When the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead was over, many of us were left wandering “what’s next for Michonne?”

We saw Michonne go through an “emotional roller-coaster” throughout the first half of season 4. From happy and smiling, to holding Judith and crying like a baby, and finally, watching the Governor kill Hershel right in front of her.

Insidetv.com spoke with Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne, for some inside info on what is coming up for her character in the remaining episodes of season 4.

When asked about the final episode where the prison was forced to split into many different groups and where her character Michonne would end up, Gurira said, “She had just started to slip into being a member of the community and plugging in and that is huge for her. It’s revolutionary for her. So the loss is pretty extreme. So the question is, how does she metabolize this? How does she handle it?”

The next question up for discussion was how the death of Hershel will affect the other members of the group. Gurira stated; “Of course they live in an apocalypse where there’s no more walls and there’s no more protection, so how is everybody going to handle this loss? It could go any which way. How do we navigate this world while still trying to metabolize all these losses and grievances? This is a volatile moment. This is a scary moment for everybody.”

Next, Insidetv.com asked Gurira about how splitting into groups would affect the show. “I think Andy said it best. There’s space around events in a way that is definitely different. There is a lot of honing in on people and their experiences and their inner turmoil and outward trauma. There’s a lot more getting to know everybody. We’re not functioning in an ensemble-like way anymore because the group is fractured. What I love about that is that looking at it from a macro-perspective it is fantastic storytelling-wise because in the little research that I’ve done I learned that one of the key elements of war is displacement. People are caught up in the concern of where people are and what happened to them and not having any way of finding out. That’s such a rich, authentic component of what really happens in a war zone. So I think that’s really thrilling that’s going to be rippling through the back eight.”

Although Gurira didn’t give us much detail on how the new season will unfold, she definitely left us anxious for the premier of the second half of season 4 which premiers Sunday, February 9th.

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