Will Andrew Scott And Tom Hiddleston Star In Neil Gaiman’s American Gods?

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com and imdb

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com and imdb

Kaitlyn Elliott
Staff Writer

As PopWrapped previously reported, Neil Gaiman’s American God’s is on its way to the small screen and we have some insight on the casting for the movie.

With such a great expectation to live up to, the big screen adaptation of the book will require a very colorful as well as talented cast, and that’s exactly what we might be getting.

According to MTV, it is rumored that the cast will consist of some very well known actors and actresses. Lance Reddick (American Horror Story) could play Mr.Nancy, a human spider from African folklore who preys on the stupid. The ever so hilarious Sacha Baron Cohen could play Mr. Jaquel, Egyptian god of death while Sherlock’s Andrew Scott could take the Irish king who destroys the stereotype of leprechauns.

But who would play Mr. Wednesday you ask? Well, MTV put together two men that just might be interested in the role, Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins. While Hopkins would certainly be familiar with the role considering his adaptation of Odin in Marvel’s Thor, Hiddleston would be almost equally familiar because of his adaptation of Loki.

While these are all just speculations, the line up seems to be pretty colorful and definitely interesting! Keep up with PopWrapped as we get more information on the subject.

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