ATTENTION: The @PopWrapped Twitter Account Has Been Hacked!


The PopWrapped Twitter Account Has Been Hacked/Stolen.

The PopWrapped Twitter Account Has Been Hacked/Stolen.


Dear Twitter,


My name is Zach Jaydon.  I am the owner of the PopWrapped brand, and have had a verified Twitter account with you for years.  Twitter has been an integral part of our businesss since the begginning.

Last night, at approximately 6pm PST, a hacker began changing all of our identifiers, including our @ HANDLE, and Twitter name.  The email and phone number attached to the account were also changed, leaving me no way to take the account back.  The hacker is now using a bot to delete ALL of the Tweets we have posted over the past 5 years, although, due to API limits, I would imagine this would be a daunting task, even for a bot, as we have posted nearly 45,000 times, since 2009.  This has been done in an attempt to fully steal a 5 year old, Verified account, with almost 1.5 million followers.
I am asking for your help.  Attached are several screenshots of the emails received from Twitter, indicating the unauthorized changes, as well as screenshots from the account, with shortlinks, pointing to the website.
The original account was @PopWrapped.  The hacker has changed the brands page HANDLE to, @Marub1c
After I noticed this, I created a new email and squatted back on the @PopWrapped handle, so no one else could take that Trademarked name, as the hacker left it wide open.
You will see all of this via the account history.  I am asking for you to revert the page ownership back to me, as it is clearly mine, and listed on every one of our other Social Media pages, our website, etc.  My cell number was listed on the account for years, until late last night, as was our gmail account. I am easily able to tell you every authorized change, ever made to this account.  I am also confused at how the hacker was able to reverify the account, and add a verification badge to it, after changing the @ HANDLE.  The verification badge was gone for hours after the original hack, but has since reappeared.  This is very alarming, as it indicates, either someone at Twitter readded the badge manually, or the hacker hacked the Twitter backend. 
We have had a great run with Twitter, thus far, receiving a Verified badge, 4+ years ago, and running a successful ad campaign with you as well.  Please let me know what I can do to get my page back, so that we can continue to use the account we have worked so hard to build. Thank you in advance.
Zach Jaydon
PopWrapped Entertainment Group LLC
PopWrapped Twitter Has Been Hacked

PopWrapped Twitter HACKED

PopWrapped Twitter HACKED

IF YOU ARE A PopWrapped reader, PLEASE tweet at this account and @Twitter, and let them know it was illegally stolen.  Thank you all.


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